How to Find the Best Local Exterior Painters Akron, Ohio

Local Exterior Painters Akron, Ohio

Making the decision to paint the exterior of your home or business involves a lot of consideration. Many changes can alter how a location looks like a new color or a new façade. While you might have strong leanings toward a specific color, palette, or style, you might need help selecting the specific brand of paint. Many people also want help in actually painting the exterior of whatever building is in question. After all of these questions come to mind, and likely more, the next big hurdle is selecting a partner to help you answer all of those questions reliably.

What to Look For in Exterior Painting Services Akron, Ohio

When you are selecting local exterior painters Akron, Ohio, there are certain characteristics you should seek out. Before making your first email or call, you should have some basic questions you need answered and certain criteria you want the company to meet or exceed. Among some of these baseline questions can be the following.

Local Exterior Painters Akron Ohio


Everyone understands that exterior painting is a big investment and a time-consuming process. If a company promises a ridiculously aggressive timeline, you will feel worried about what kind of quality you are getting. With that being said, it is important for a company to be transparent with you about their time estimate. Exterior painting is highly impacted by weather, for example, and that needs to be incorporated into the potential timeline. If some type of restoration work needs to be done on the exterior before the painting begins. As much as possible, prospective exterior house painters should let you know all of the factors that could inhibit them in their desired completion date, but they should also set a target date you are happy with.


Of course, you want to select a company that has a reputation for good work. As is the case in most industries, exterior painters vary in skill level, in organization, in communication, and in price. Before you look for your exterior painting company, have certain benchmarks in mind. This is where word-of-mouth referrals can be most impactful. If a friend or family member has used a company and had a great experience, you are likely to take that more seriously, perhaps, than Google or Yelp reviews.

Local Exterior Painters Akron Ohio


Naturally, you want to make sure your project will look amazing when completed. One of the best ways to ensure this if you are selecting a local company is to drive by locations they have painted. Can you ascertain from their website how long ago those projects were completed? If so, how is the job holding up? Can they point you to a project in progress so you can see how they operate and how they organize their projects? Do not be shy about asking these questions. Seeing a company in action is one of the best ways to evaluate how they will work with and for you.

Concern for the Environment

The most outstanding exterior painters will extend themselves beyond high-quality and time-efficient work. They will care for the environment directly around them by making sure all trash is picked up as it is created, that the work site is well organized, and that they do not create blockades to every-day life. Some companies also bring environmentally sustainable products to their projects. These can be environmentally-friendly paints, primers, paint removers, and more. If this is a priority for you, make sure you ask questions to ascertain what the company’s philosophy is on these issues.


If location is important to you, you will want to prioritize local searching as you begin your explorations. In Google, a search for “exterior painting services Akron, Ohio” will help you narrow down the results you get, especially if you are using your smartphone for the search. You can also search for “local painting services Akron, Ohio” or “painting services your location.” One advantage to researching like this is you know the companies that show up in top positions have invested some time and money into their websites and perhaps into their search engine optimization.

Choosing any kind of service company can be nerve-wracking, especially if it is for a big project that you will have to live with for a long while. Make sure you know what you are hoping to hear answers, and don’t be shy about asking as many questions as you wish. Companies with a service-oriented focus and with nothing to hide will have no trouble giving you answers.

Creating a Stress-free Process

Our exterior painters Akron, Ohio work with you to make your project as smooth and stress-free as possible. Whether it’s keeping up with the latest paint trends or keeping in regulations with your local HOA, Kane Painting can help. Our experienced local exterior painters Akron, Ohio do everything from prep work to clean up to save you time and money.

Although new paint technologies make painting your home or business possible in any season, the best time to paint is in the summer. The high temperatures and stable weather allow for your house to stay dry, making it easier and faster to complete exterior painting in Akron, OH.

Exterior Painting FAQs

The short answer is 8-10 years for building and 1-5 years for decks. The better answer is it’s impossible to know because every building is different and there are many many different factors that can affect the life of the paint/stain. Certain colors fade faster, some houses have more exposure to the sun and elements, which product is chosen, what type of surface is being painted, how well the house is maintained before and after, etc.
Powerwashing every other year can help. Keeping off vines, plants, or tree growth can help. We use some of the best products out there to help lower maintenance.
After 11 years in the business, Nycole and Nick have learned to be part-time meteorologists. We watch the weather forecasts, radars, and skies, and make sure that we are dealing with the right weather conditions. If by chance a stray rain cloud comes we will stop and cover any exposed areas from rain runoff. A little rain is fine, latex paint has water in it that evaporates out of it as it dries. We also can use water to thin paint down during high humidity or high heat times.
No, we don’t caulk all siding boards because of expansion and contraction. Wood siding needs to breathe and let moisture evaporate. All trim that we paint, such as door frames and window frames will be caulked.