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Kane Painting’s contractors strive to transform your house into your dream home. As an Akron house and commercial painting company, both interior and exterior painting services are offered. Working with local painting contractors in Akron doesn’t have to be stressful. Our experienced team is passionate about giving your home or business the colorful boost it needs in a timely matter. With priorities changing under the current Covid-19 regulations, we assure you that safety is our top priority when painting your home or office. Visit our services page for a more complete overview of what Kane has to offer.

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I have worked with many contractors and Nick Kane is tops in my book!! Not only is his painting meticulous, he has a wonderful work ethic! Imagine a contractor who returns your calls, shows up on time, gets right to work, doesn’t leave in the middle of the day, puts in a full days work and does a fabulous job!! If it sounds like I really like this guy, I do. Both professionally and personally he is A1.”
~ Sandy C.

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Painting FAQs

A bad paint job will have heavy stippling, runs, drips, and patches that have not been primed or sanded. You may even still be able to see the old color or uneven paint. Painters may not use drop cloths or protect surfaces with tape and paper when appropriate. You may end up with paint on floors, trim, plants, carpet, fixtures, etc., and chances are they won’t clean up.

If your wood home has exposed wood or peeling paint, or if your aluminum is chalky, leaving wash-off color on your brick or walkways, peeling, or rusting. Fading is a sign of the layers of paint regressing, if you wait longer you will have more issues down the line.

The choice between oil and latex products depends on the type of project and the desired finish. However, oil-based products have negative impacts on the environment and our health, and latex and waterborne products, such as Benjamin Moore Advance and Scuff-X, are outperforming most oil products so Kane Painting only uses them for certain situations such as to cover stubborn stains, rust on metal, etc.

  • Oil-based paints:
    • Pros: Very durable and long lasting, making them ideal for high-traffic areas and wood trim, Can provide a smoother finish because they level well and dry slowly, Good for painting metal and some types of plastics, Resistant to dirt, grease, and stains, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms
    • Cons: Oil-based products take a long time to dry, typically around 24 hours, which can delay the project. They require solvents like mineral spirits or paint thinner for clean-up and thinning, and they release much higher levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than latex paints, which can be harmful, irritate allergies, and increase indoor air pollution. Solvents are also hard to dispose of. Most recycling places have a small window where you can drop off these chemicals to have them properly deposed.
  • Latex-based paints:
    • Pros: Quick-drying, allowing the project to be completed faster. Since it’s water-based it’s much easier to clean up from unintended surfaces by simply using soap and water. Latex paints are low VOCs meaning less harmful to health and the environment. Having no solvents makes latex paints ideal for poorly ventilated rooms like basements and garages.
    • Cons: May not adhere well to surfaces previously painted with an oil-based paint, but a professional can make sure the surface is properly prepped. Also, dry time can be affected when painting large areas, especially in high humidity.

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