The Process of Hiring a Painting Company

If you’ve never hired a professional painting company before, you might wonder what to expect from the process and how to get the best work for your investment. With that in mind, Kane Painting, Akron’s most trusted source for residential and commercial painting, has outlined the process so there are no surprises as you transform your home or commercial property with paint. Of course, there will be questions along the way, so reach out to our office any time, or talk to our crew leader assigned to your job.

Is It Time To Paint?

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The first step in having your home or business painted is, of course, deciding it’s time to paint. What are some reasons to paint?

  1. You’re ready for a change! If the glamorous gray, marvelous mauve, or basic beige you chose five years ago feels a bit tired, it’s time to change things up with a fresh new color.
  2. It’s been a while. Practically, the lifecycle of wall paint is about 5 years in a typical home and two to three years in an office. Some of the best brands will hold up for about 10 years in a home. Interior wear and tear tends to happen gradually. A scuff here, a scratch there, a faded spot over by the window … It’s easy to become accustomed to these blemishes, and soon you just “stop seeing” them. But take a step back and look at your space as if you were a visitor to your home or business. Is it looking worse for the wear?
  3. Peeling, chipping, fading and other exterior damage. Outdoors and in the light of day, signs that your home or business exterior needs painting are more readily apparent. If your wood home has exposed wood or peeling paint, or if your aluminum siding is chalky, peeling, rusting, or leaving wash-off color on your brick or walkways, these, too, are signs it’s time to paint. Don’t wait for more damage to occur.
  4. Signs of water damage. Indoors or out, mold or water damage are always a sign it’s not only time to repaint but also to repair the source of the leak or moisture.
  5. You’re selling. A new coat of paint is essential if your home or other property is going on the market. Not only will painting give your home or business a fresh, clean appearance, but it will signal to prospective buyers that your property is well cared-for. Plus, painting offers the opportunity to repair wall damage and create a neutral palette that appeals to the most buyers.

Looking For Painters

So you’ve decided to hire a professional painter for your exterior or interior paint work. It’s a wise choice. A good professional painter will deliver flawless work and complete the job more efficiently and economically than most homeowners could. With a professional painter, you can spend your evenings or weekends doing what you love, not painting your house.

To find the right painter, start by asking family, friends, and neighbors for recommendations. Your local social media community boards might also be a good resource. Third, many different types of contractors who work in a given neighborhood know each other — at least by reputation. If you know a trusted roofer, plumber, or electrician for example, ask them if they know of a good painter.

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Online reviews such as those found on Angi, Yelp! or Google Reviews can be helpful as well. But don’t let a few bad reviews scare you away. Remember that these customers are not always verified or legitimate. If there’s a contractor you want to hire with a complaint on their record, ask them about it!

Finally, an excellent resource is the Better Business Bureau. BBB complaints are verified for accuracy after they are submitted, and businesses have the opportunity to respond and/or resolve the situation. This makes BBB different from other online options and gives consumers the most balanced, complete picture of a company.

Narrowing Down Your List

Once you’ve found a few promising painters, conduct a phone interview with each. It’s best to speak with one of the business’s owners — if a contractor isn’t willing to give you a few minutes on the phone, consider this a red flag.

Questions to ask include:

  • Would you provide some customer references I could contact?
  • Do employees or subcontractors perform the work?
  • Can you show proof of insurance?
  • What brand of paint do you use?
  • Is the price of the paint and other materials included in your quote?
  • How many coats of paint are included?
  • How does payment work?
  • Do you offer a warranty, and if so, what does it cover?

After narrowing down your choices, contact the contractors’ references. Some questions to ask include:

  • Were you satisfied with the work?
  • Was the project started and completed on time?
  • Did the project run over budget?
  • Did the crew conduct themselves professionally?
  • Would you hire this contractor again?
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Getting Quotes

Whether it’s a new roof, a bathroom remodel, or a fresh new paint job, home improvement experts often recommend getting three estimates. The point is not to find the cheapest contractor but the best value. Kane Painting probably won’t be the lowest quote you get, but it will be the most thorough — and our work the most professional. We are proud of our reputation for consistently delivering a superior paint job at a fair price.

Painting estimates should always include:

  • Contact information, including company name, address, telephone number, email, website, and social accounts.
  • Total cost, including taxes
  • Scope of the project: Areas to be painted, a description of prep work that will be done, and the application process (i.e., brushes and rollers, sprayers)
  • Paint specifications: Paint brand and exact product and finish, number and coats, and other products that will be used, such as primers
  • Terms and conditions: Payment terms should be clear and easy to understand
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Kane Painting knows price is always a concern, but consider the company’s experience, their track record for completing jobs on time and budget, and testimonials from their previous clients. Kane overlooks no detail in our inspection and estimating process. You don’t like surprise upcharges along the way, and neither do we. Together, we’ll walk through the area you want to have painted, ask questions, make recommendations, then provide you with a detailed written proposal outlining:

  • Price
  • Scope of the work
  • Our process
  • Paints and other materials to be used
  • Details about our two-year warranty
  • Terms and conditions

Scheduling Your Job

Once you have read the Kane Painting proposal and resolved any questions or changes you might have, you can digitally sign your proposal and, if applicable, put down your first payment:

  • Projects less than $5,000: No deposit or down payment required.
  • Projects over $5,000: 25 percent deposit to be paid before work begins.
  • Projects over $20,000: 25 percent deposit before work begins, 50 percent once half the work is completed, and the final 25 percent due upon completion.

Typically Kane schedules interior paint work 1 to 8 weeks out and exterior paint jobs the year before and are ususally booked for the year by June/July. We paint interiors no matter the weather or time of year. Of course, exterior painting in Northeast Ohio is trickier. Our exterior season starts in late April or early May and can last until late October or early November.

Spring through fall are ideal times to paint outside, provided the weather stays dry. In the event of rain, your job keeps its place in line, and we’ll get to your project as soon as the weather clears. If you’re flexible when it comes to when your interior is painted, let us schedule your job in the winter! You’ll get 10 percent off the price of interior painting, excluding paint and material costs, between November 22 and February 28!

Prepare Your House or Business for Painting

At Kane, we are often asked: “What do I need to do before you get here?” For interior work, whether we’re painting just a room or two or your entire home or business, we ask that clients remove small objects and store them someplace safe from damage. This includes wall art, TVs, pictures, knickknacks, or anything glass, fragile, or valuable. (Customers who need help moving things due to health conditions should let us know. We will be happy to assist.) Our painters will move large items like beds, couches, and tables as needed. Preparing for our arrival by removing items and clearing pathways for us to work will protect your valuables and help us do our job more efficiently so you can enjoy your freshly painted space sooner.

For exteriors, the process is similar. Small items around the house or building (like garden statues, hoses, etc.) and anything leaning against your house (such as trellises or wood piles) should be moved, and trees and shrubs should be trimmed at least three inches away from the structure.

Structural problems should also be addressed before our painters arrive. This includes:

  • Repairing wood siding
  • Fixing the source of water damage
  • Replacing gutters
  • Re-caulking
  • Removing dry rot
  • Repairing or sealing large holes or cracks
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Sit Back and Relax

Once you’ve prepared your space, the rest is up to us. You’re welcome to stay in your home as it’s being painted. However, you might be more comfortable elsewhere, especially if you are sensitive to the smell of paint. We are proud that many of our customers trust us in their homes and are comfortable leaving for the day. Our carefully selected painters are extensively vetted and background-checked.

Our painting process includes:

  • Covering flooring and furniture with tarps
  • Removing, as needed, damaged paint
  • Sanding/smoothing as needed
  • Performing minor patching and drywall repairs
  • Application of professional-grade primers and paints

Outdoors, our process includes:

  • Power washing the surfaces to be painted
  • Scraping loose paint
  • Repairing surface imperfections
  • Repair and Re-putty Windows
  • Tarping and placing shields to protect areas like landscaping and sidewalks from overspray
  • Application of primer
  • Application of two coats of paint
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Whether you have your interior or exterior painted, your home or business will be in the capable hands of a Kane Lead Painter. This experienced professional will answer any questions you may have related to the work being performed. If you have questions about billing, prices, add-ons, change orders, project scope, etc., we welcome you to direct your questions to Nick or Nycole Kane at (330) 907-6292.

Wrapping Things Up

Your job is not finished until the final walkthrough, where your lead painter will inspect our work with you and answer any questions. While it is very rare that a customer is unsatisfied with some aspect of our work, we will address the problem immediately. We will then remove all tarps, equipment and material, replace any furniture we moved, and leave your home or business looking better than we found it.

We are Kane Painting, proud to be the Northeast Ohio painters recommended by family, friends, and neighbors. We look forward to providing you with the best paint job at a fair price.